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Welcome to MedX Australia

MedX, the world’s leading medical exercise equipment, is the first and only physical therapy able to safely strengthen and restore function of the spine. Thousands of Australians and their GP’s are being made aware of just how effective Drug-Free rehabilitation and treatment offered by Allied Health Professionals can be, in particular, Medical Exercise.

Australians of all ages are dramatically improving and maintaining their quality of life through Medical Exercise. Backed by millions of dollars of research and years of development at institutes such as the University of Florida, the MedX Systems provide Safe and Efficient resistant exercise appropriate for all levels of intensity.

MedX Australia’s mission is to help create functional independence for all Australians through the accessibility of Medical Exercise.

Why are MedX / Delphex machines so effective

“Medical training of skeletal muscles requires more than just a few dumbells or elastic bands and simple exercise machines” Arthur Jones – MedX Founder

  • A varied resistance precisely calculated to match the load movement or “strength curve”. The muscle remains above the tension threshold throughout the entire motion, from full stretch to complete contraction. This prevents and corrects intramuscular imbalances.
  • A two-dimensional motion is performed. “Wrong” movements are almost impossible and therefore the risk of injury is close to zero.
  • The isolation of the targeted muscles is accomplished through the padding, supports, and structures of the machines. These features make it easier to achieve a cross-sectional stimulus.
  • Training on the machines does not require any coordination. The movement does not have to be “learned” allowing the trainee to be “productive” from the beginning.
  • The training progress achieved with the machine represents pure strength gains, not a mixture of strength and coordination gains.

Creating Functional Independence for All Australians

If you have any questions regarding our services at MedX Australia, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 07 5529 2777 or email us at Alternatively you can fill in an enquiry form, by following the link below.

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