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MedX, the world’s leading medical exercise equipment, is the first and only physical therapy able to safely strengthen and restore function of the spine.

MedX Australia - Online - medical exercise equipmentArthur Jones is the legendary founder of Nautilus. In 1986, he founded MedX to perfect the testing of human strength, endurance and range of motion. After years of development and testing, validated by independent research teams at the University of Florida, MedX perfected its medical Lumbar Extension machine. It has since helped tens of thousands of people around the world reduce or eliminate their back pain while increasing their function and quality of life. After few years Kieser Training came on market, a very similar system, allegedly pretty identical with the original. Kieser equipment and Kieser machines are also available in Australia, via Kieser Training. Most likely you cannot buy Kieser equipment from Kieser Training, or sell Kieser machines, but only apply for a franchise.

Subsequent developments produced the MedX Cervical Extension, Rotary Neck and Torso, and Knee/Hamstring machines, providing the medical community with the first tools capable of producing specific and accurate tests of functional ability along with the finest source of rehabilitative exercise.


Kieser Training

MedX applied the knowledge gained from its medical machines to the design of a full line of exercise-only machines. These machines incorporated MedX's patented compound weight stack which produces less friction and enables several hundred levels of available resistance in increments of 2ft-lbs. This feature reduces user strain and, for the first time, made it possible for individuals to select the exact level of resistance required regardless of their strength.

MedX created exercise versions of its medical machines and branded them the Core Spinal Fitness System In less than 20 minutes, twice a week, these five machines focus on the strength, stability, flexibility and endurance of the body's core, providing a solid foundation for whole body strength.

Core Spinal Fitness System

Very soon, MEDx equipments will be available for buying and renting in
Sydney, New South Wales; Brisbane and Gold Coast, Queensland; Adelaide, South Australia; Hobart, Tasmania; Melbourne, Victoria; Perth, Western Australia; Canberra, Australian Capital Territory; Darwin, Northern Territory. If you want to buy MedX equipments or hire / rent MedX machines please drop us a line.

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